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The days under the night sky
Went on and on.
Suprised to have a chance
To have tea without milk .
Someone says, ‘ There ‘s an accicdent.
Twenty-seven casualities.’
Too bad I ‘m not one of them.
How would it feel
To get RBCs exploded.
It ‘s faster to die
In fresh water than
In seawater.
How would it feel
If one day you cannot open
You bedroom’s door from inside.
Then day after day,
It ‘ll be the same
You won’t be able to open it.
You may wait knocking on it.
So that you can be redeemed.
But it won’t happen.
‘it’ means the situation
In which you get trapped
In your bedroom.
‘it’ does not mean the situation
In which you hear knocking
On your bedroom’s door.
So let’s say
You can walk out
Of you room.
See the sunlight make
Your shadow lay on the pavement.
Tuck morning paper under your arm.
Get into the damn cafe
And raise your hands
Toward the fuckin waiter.

21-1-08 11:30PM

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