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Lip Beings (Report to Mars)


We found that those beings on earth have 3 sets of lips as follows:

Lip 1 is in the upper part.

Lip 2 is in the front of the lower part whereas Lip 3 is in the back of the lower part.

We could divide those beings into 2 genres based on differences in Lip 2. Genre 1 has ugly and elongated Lip 2.

They do many things by using those Lips. The most important one could be dealing with each other through Lips.

Scenario 1

Genre 1 always deals with genre 2 through lip contacts. Normally they start it with Lip 1 to Lip 1 contact. Then they do Lip 1 to Lip 2. But genre 2’s Lip 1 to genre 1’s Lip 2 is more frequent. Normally it ends up in Lip 2 to Lip 2 stage. But there are some genre 1’s Lip 2 to genre 2’s Lip 3 cases.

Scenario 2

But we also found cases in which genre 1 to genre 1 relation. They do genre 1’s Lip 1 to another genre 1’s Lip 1. Then the first genre 1 Lip 1 goes to the second genre 1’s Lip 2. Finally the second genre 1’s Lip 2 goes to the first genre 1’s Lip 3.

Scenario 3

We found some cases in which genre 2 to genre 2 relation takes place. Normally they follow most steps in scenario 1. (Note: we still need to more work in this area).

Scenario 4

Even though they do it one on one, there could be more than one of genre in some dealings. They steps are more mixed up in this scenario. In most cases, genre 2 may have to use all its Lips to deal with Lip 2s of many genre 1s.

Out of those scenarios, only Scenario 1 could lead to producing another being.

There also deal with each other without actual contact of Lips.

They do it most of the time. Sometimes this could lead to actual contact of Lips. Sometimes this could lead to damaging each other and in fewer cases, to ending each other.

They also put things into all three types of Lips whereas things also come out of all three types of Lips.

In conclusion, we notice everything they do is related with Lips: they deal with Lips, they do something with the intention of dealing with Lips or putting something into Lips, OR they have to take care of the consequences of those Lip-related activities.

So we would like to name them “Lip Beings”.


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